Mars Air Electric Heat and Unheated Air Curtains

Mars Air System has been the most respected name and global leader in air curtain manufacturing for nearly 60 years, including innovations that have changed the industry and include the Mars UVC™, Mars SimpleLink™ and the Mars HEPAC® products. The Mars product line protects building environments of every sector from energy loss and windborne dust, dirt, fumes and flying insects with its powerful and invisible protective air barrier. The light but powerful stream of air improves inside building sanitation and reduces operational heating and cooling energy costs. Mars air curtains support Green Build initiatives and qualify for LEED point credits when deployed within a building management system. A network of over 2,000 factory-trained manufacturer’s representatives and dealers/distributors across the United States and internationally choose to represent the Mars family of products. 

HVAC systems in today’s virus-laden environment are burdened with significant objectives: maintain adequate ventilation, keep high rates of exchange with exterior air and manage airflow at levels that reduce the risk of virus transfer. The Clean Air Series from Mars includes three products with established technology that sanitize air, trap particulates and use UVC/UVV bulbs that are scientifically proven to eradicate viruses and provide the support HVAC systems need.